NDI, 1,5 Naphthalene Diisocyanate, is tiny, white or yellow to grayish white irregular shape tubular crystal.
A high end polyurethane raw material, used to create high rebound and high performance elastomer.

Providing excellent physical characteristic with different type of finish product (elastomer and microcellular foam) to fit different kind of requirement. 
  • Exceptional wear resistance
  • High rebound
  • Excellent tear propagation resistance
  • Low compression set
  • Good resistance to mineral oils, greases, petrol and a wide range of solvents
  • Rubber
  • Hardness
    General rubber products, hardness are between 30-80 (Shore)
    Wide variety of hardness, and contain great rebound and elongation property under high hardness
  • Tensile Strength
    General rubber products has low tensile strength
    With same hardness, Polyurethane product contains high tensile strength and tear strength
  • Wear Resistance
    General rubber product have poor wear resistance, can be improve with crosslink.
    Polyester polyurethane elastomer have oil resistance as good as Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR).
  • Oil Resistance
    General rubber product have low resistance to oil. Some specialized rubber have good oil resistance. 
    Polyester polyurethane elastomer have oil resistance as good as Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR).
  • Hydrolytic Stability
    Good hydrolytic stability
    Polyether polyurethane have good hydrolytic stability. With proper raw material and formula. Hydrolytic stability can greatly improve.
  • Vibration Dampening &Noise reduction
    Poor dampening and noise reduction.
    Polyurethane elastomer have better dampening effect, and can reduce vibration and noise in low to mid frequency. 
  • Manufacturing
    Mostly plastication, mixing, calendaring, or extrusion. Require vulcanizing.
    Similar to rubber manufacturing method, Polyurethane can be plastication, mixing, and micronizing. Also can be liquid form, which by using casting, spraying, pouring, or centrifugal molding. Also can be made into pellets. Then can manufacture in injection, extrusion, calendaring, and blow molding. Wide variety of manufacturing method. 
  • Tear Strength testing
  • Tensile strength/elongation testing