PVI Plastic, the collection of great companies in varies fields, is in pursue to provide competitive price on high quality high performance polyurethane product. With experience and expertise from multiple source, we are confidence to satisfied and exceed customer’s request.
1,5 NDI based polyurethane products creates the best dynamic and mechanical load-bearing capability.

In early years, only very few company capable of producing such material and manufacture finish products. With years of research and develop, our company breaks through technical difficulties, and now capable of manufacturing high performance product.

To offer customers required compatible product and price.
  • Technological advanced polyurethane manufacturing facility located in Dong Guan, China. Also have facility in Taichung, Taiwan
  • Collection of different specialists from raw material, formulas, manufacturing process and quality control
  • With decades of experience on manufacturing polyurethane products, now capable of 1,5 NDI based products, both elastomer and microcellular foam.
  • Quality
    Introduce the experience and management system from manufacturing CMP, in order to achieve highest quality product.

    Complying ISO9002 and IATF 16949 Standard for quality management system
  • Research and Development
    Leading by team with 20+ years of developing polyurethane area.
    Controlling from raw material to finish product, from manufacturing process to quality control.

    To find better way in every crucial process, and offer customers better product options.
  • Manufacturing
    From formulating raw material to manufacture process, and post process.

    Every stage is manage by teams with decades of experience, to create the highest quality possible with most versatility. 
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