Application Product
  • Automotive suspention components
  • Forklift load wheel
  • Professional Skateboard Wheel
  • Rollarcoster track wheel
  • Squeegee/wiper
  • Aircraft tractor wheel
NDI, 1,5 Naphthalene Diisocyanate, is tiny, white or yellow to grayish white irregular shape tubular crystal. NDI elastomer product have exceptional performance, incomparable to other types of polyurethane elastomer, irreplaceable characteristic.  Including low abrasion loss,high tensile strength, excellent tear propagation resistance, as well as outstanding compressive deformation and rebound resilience.
Elastomer produce with NDI have excellent dynamic characteristic and wear resistance,Low abrasion loss, high rebound resilience,
low internal heat generate. Suitable for high dynamic loads and temperature environment.
NDI microcellular product with dynamic load, have low internal heat, low permanent deformation and maintain good structure integrity.
This particular polyurethane microcellular products are mainly use on automotive suspension/vibration damping components.